The pandemic has brought along a new way of operating businesses. Led by the Ministry of Health – Bhutan, restaurants and hotels saw a “new normal.” New S.O.P was made, courtesy of Ministry of Health – Bhutan for restaurants and Hotels.

Park Hotel Phuentsholing has been following the S.O.P to ensure safety for its staff and guest. While this is currently only for Bhutanese guest, we plan to follow the same post COVID. The pandemic will be over in the future, but the lessons we learnt on safety and hygiene will remain.

Park Hotel Phuentsholing S.O.P (courtesy MoH):

  1. Entrance area for Hotel, Restaurants, Gym must have hand washing station
  2. Druk Trace app to be displaced and visible to guest. Mandatory to use for guest and staff
  3. Rearranging sitting system to have adequate physical distancing
  4. Open windows to have proper ventilation
  5. Equipment and utensils has to be cleaned thoroughly with detergent and water
  6. Regularly disinfect frequently touched objects
  7. Ensure through cleaning of public/guest areas and rooms
  8. Take-away is encouraged
  9. Digital payments are encouraged
  10. All staff to wear clean mask at all times
  11. Staff should wear protective gear while dealing with guest and preparing food
  12. Staff and guest will be checked for temperature during check-in
  13. All important COVID numbers are displayed and available to guest and staff

Find out more about the COVID situation in Bhutan here:

Looking forward for Bhutan to open its gates and welcome back our guest. until then, stay safe!